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Quick Fact

The Partnership for Market Readiness is a grant-based collaboration managed by the World Bank and supported by 13 contributing countries with a funding commitment of up to USD 127 million.

  • 35 national and sub-national jurisdictions, and the European Commission
  • 19 Implementing Country Participants, 13 Contributing Participants, and 4 Technical Partners
  • Total capitalization of 7 million​
  • 17 countries have completed road maps for carbon pricing readiness
  • .5 million allocated to governments to implement readiness activities
  • 18 Technical Notes53 Technical Workshops and other knowledge exchanges

Survei Persepsi: Pasar Karbon untuk Perubahan Iklim

This survey aims to find out public perceptions of the carbon market. The results of this survey are expected to provide input for the development of carbon markets in the future in Indonesia.

The Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) is a forum aimed at global collective action in order to increase climate change mitigation capacity and innovation.


PMR Indonesia supports climate change mitigation actions through capacity building and financing innovation in climate change. PMR Indonesian programs focuses on the energy generation and industrial sectors with energy.
  • Development of Market-Based Instruments
  • Piloting of MRV system
  • Development of Emission Profile and Baseline
  • Development of MRV System

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