About Partnership for Market Readiness

Partnership for Market Readiness served as forum for global collective action to scale up climate change mitigation and funding innovation.

Climate changes action requires contributions from both developed and developing countries. Recent global commitment adopted from Paris Agreement to limit the earth’s temperature rise below 2 degrees requires funding innovation. This innovation should be encouraged since public funds are limited to meet necessary funding to support climate change mitigation efforts.

Partnership for Readiness Market is a global partnership to provide funding and technical supports for middle-income countries through capacity building or implementing pilot project of market-based instruments for climate change mitigation.

PMR provides platform to discuss and share technical knowledge in market-based instruments for climate change mitigation such as emission trading system and carbon offsets.

Partnerships for Market Readiness (PMR) launched on 2010 as capacity building program to support climate change mitigation action in developing countries through effective implementation of market based instruments.

Partnerships for Market Readiness (PMR) aims to:

  • Provide grant to build readiness components in order to support carbon pricing instrument implementation including market-based approach;
  • Pilot for carbon-pricing instrument, such as domestic emission trading system (ETS), scale up crediting mechanism or carbon tax;
  • Provide network platform to build discussion and collective innovation, particularly carbon pricing instrument as new market-based approach;
  • Arrange and share knowledge in carbon pricing instrument, particularly market-based approach that can be applied in accordance with specific conditions in each country;
  • Sharing and learning forum between international community including UNFCCC;

PMR contribution to support climate change mitigation action.

  • Put key players on the same table
    As a global partnership, PMR works with key players - countries, organizations and experts - to create innovative market instruments and carbon trading systems for climate change mitigation action. More than 30 countries, international organizations and experts sit together in order to exchange knowledge, provide technical support and share relevant experiences to improve climate change mitigation capacity.
  • Maintaining domestic action momentum
    Today, more and more middle-income countries are starting the process of pricing carbon and funding innovation initiatives to reduce GHG emissions more effectively. Each country has its own dynamics of policy development and instrument choice in preparing its country to lead to a low-carbon development era in accordance with the circumstances and priorities of its development. PMR is a platform designed to help each country prepare an appropriate policy recommendation along with its implementation action plan by focusing on providing technical support and institutional preparation.
  • Determine the carbon price for effective mitigation action
    Carbon pricing through instruments such as carbon trading and carbon taxes is seen as effective in reducing carbon emissions. Departing from that reason, a number of countries began to integrate carbon pricing policies on strategic action on climate change mitigation. PMR is committed to assisting countries in designing and implementing market-based instruments including emissions trading, carbon taxes, credit mechanisms and offsets.
  • Supports Post-2020 scenarios
    The PMR supports the efforts of countries to define post-2020 mitigation scenarios and identify effective and efficient policies - including carbon pricing instruments in climate change mitigation action. Most support is a facilitation in preparing the mitigation component in the intended national contribution (INDC) in accordance with the UNFCCC process.
  • Introduce best practice at a technical level
    PMR supports best practice and facilitates efforts to set standards and approaches in GHG mitigation. The PMR Secretariat takes the main lessons from the experiences of countries, global industry players and experts to be extracted into a source of knowledge especially in designing market-based instruments.
  • Sharing experience in knowledge exchange platform.
    PMR provides a forum for countries to share their technical knowledge and experience. PMR provides space for the implementation of funding innovations in climate change mitigation actions including holding partnership meetings, workshops to public events to raise awareness of climate change mitigation action