PMR Indonesia support climate change mitigation action through capacity building and funding innovation. PMR Indonesia programmes focuses on power generation and energy-intensive industry sub sector.

  • Development of Market-Based Instruments
  • Piloting of MRV system
  • Development of Emission Profile and Baseline
  • Development of MRV System

Relation between PMR Indonesia program output

Accurate and reliable data is an absolute requirement in order to design suitable market-based instruments to support climate change mitigation action.

PMR Indonesia proposes programs to develop profile and baseline of emissions as effort to obtain better information on emissions profiles, mitigation potentials and financing aspects. This information package provides a better level of accuracy for the Indonesian PMR team to set out emissions target / baseline to be used as a consideration in design market-based instruments.

Market-based instruments are designed to efficiently provide incentives for real, additional and permanent climate change mitigation action.

These efforts require a valid actual data on the level of energy consumption, energy efficiency and reduced emissions that will enable monitoring and reporting systems run with higher levels of confidence. In this regards, PMR Indonesia program develop and piloting a monitoring, reporting and verification system on JAMALI's power grid system and other selected industrial sub-sectors.